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Hegner Auto Extraction Fretsaw Workstation


Fretsaw workstation with dedicated Frex cyclonic dust extraction unit. Complete with footswitch operation and electrical interlock between the extraction unit and both Hegner fretsaws. This prevents use of the fretsaws when the extraction unit is not operational.


Hegner auto extraction fretsaw workstation, with a Frex dust extraction unit. The unit is extremely safe to use with foot-switches, emergency stop and safety system that only allows the use of the saw whilst dust extractor is functioning.

The Mardon Frex Extractor has been designed specifically for use with fret saws and small woodworking machinery requiring dust extraction in line with HSG258 Guidelines. The Frex Extractor has a primary dust separation chamber which removes the bulk of the extracted dust, leaving relatively clean air to pass through two secondary cartridge filters.
The Mardon Frex Extractor has exceptionally low noise characteristics for use within the classroom and is designed for use with fine dusts. Warm air is returned to the classroom being sympathetic to environmental issues. Further technical information available on request.


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Dimensions150 × 80 cm


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