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Low Voltage Trunking with 24v AC Soldering

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Mains power desktop triangular steel powder coated trunking with built-in low voltage dual rail power supply and 24vAC soldering iron sockets. Available as standard in 1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm lengths. Special lengths available on request subject to volume.



Desktop triangular steel powder coated power trunking with two 13A switched sockets, dual rail low voltage power supply and 24vAC soldering outlets all built into the trunking profile. Designed to provide a stabilised variable dual rail supply plus and minus 2-15v DC at 1A per rail. Includes a fixed 5v DC supply at 1A. Supply automatically shuts down in the event of a short circuit until the short is removed. The dual display analogue & digital backlit LED meter provides an indication of a short circuit by a flashing red backlit display reading SHRT. The backlit LED display is backlit green at 2-12v and red at 12v-15v. The voltage supply set by the simple rotary knob is also shown as a digital readout along with the anlaogue display.
24vAC soldering iron outlets provided as Bulgin type. Designed for use with the Antex XS25 range of soldering irons but are compatible with many other makes of soldering irons.
A range of additional options can be fitted including 24v AC soldering iron sockets, network sockets, USB sockets & pneumatic outlets.
Fully modular design allows the trunking to be linked together to form linear runs and back to back peninsular arrangements. Additional profiles allow both internal & external corner layouts. Can be used in conjunction with the Nortek Group solder fume tip extraction system. See here for more details.
Socket quantities and types can be changed on request.

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120cm, 150cm, 180cm