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Pneumatic Check Unit – Compressed Air Supply

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Panel mounted pneumatic quick release coupling providing a simple and safe connection to a compressed air supply housed within our desk top triangular steel trunking. All piped internally using 8mm plastic high pressure pipework with push fitttings this is the by far the neatest compressed air system available for any educational workshop environment. Ideal for logic control and small scale automation replication systems. Normally supplied in pairs on low voltage and mains power trunking as suffix P within the part code.




Panel mounted pneumatic quick release coupling. Proprietary fittings can be provided upon request to the end user to connect peripheral devices to the compressed air supply. Panel mounted and normally supplied on our range of triangular powder coated steel desk mounted power trunking. Normally supplied in conjunction with low voltage and mains power arrangements but can be supplied as a dedicated compressed air solution. Compressor needs to specified separately see the Bambi BB24V for further information.

Safe and easy to operate with no air release once the fitting is disconnected. Supply is only present when the fitting has made connection and is latched in place. Manual ring collar release required to detach fitting once connected.